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An e-decisionmaking platform for communities. E-democracy is right here.

Here at DUX we really like long term partnerships to help develop digital products, not only from a user interface point of view, but in every aspect. So is the case with CitizenOS, a cooperation which started in 2014. From the beginning we have worked closely together to create a platform for the people whose voices are not reaching far enough. People whose votes count, but maybe aren’t able to reach the voting place.

CitizenOS is more than a tool, it’s a disruption of an outdated concept. It’s about being able to speak up and be heard. And this is only the start.

Ideation & User flow

How to interact with a document?

Expanding the tool according to the needs

A dashboard to manage all your documents.

Legitimate voting registration

Let your voice be heard.

Visual design

Simple & clear, with an emphasis on typography.

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