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Starman, Elisa

Field of operations


Year / Market

2017 / Estonia




Velvet, Codeborne

Embracing constraints and creating a Next Gen TV experience.

With a marketshare of 60% Starman has the biggest tv-watching userbase in Estonia. The use of a 3rd party user interface however meant that the old set-top-box was lacking in user experience, branding and general attractiveness. Users were all just watching TV, but wanting something more.

Working together with the client’s technical specialists, marketing, coders, designers and researchers, we set out on an almost 2-year journey to improve the user interface and introduce a couple new engaging new ways how to discover content. After Velvet did the user research and ideation, we were asked to join the project and design the user interface working closely together with software development agency Codeborne.

Several months after launch Starman merged with Elisa and we set out to rebrand the interface to fit within the Elisa product line-up.

User research

Understanding today’s TV audience.


How far can you go to disrupt the TV experience?

Mapping & Analysis

Understanding the platform.

Prototyping & iteration

High fidelity prototyping & iterative process.

Visual design optimization

Please do not exceed the designated area.

150+ unique images

A whole new world.

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