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Elron Validator

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Elron, Ridango

Field of operations

Transportation, Ticketing

Year / Market

2017 / Estonia


Ticket Validator

Validating and buying train tickets through the on-train ticket validator.

For a long time validating or buying tickets on the Elron trains was only possible through the staff. With the new validator however travellers can now buy or validate their tickets themselves with their Elron travelcard.

This project posed a lot of challenges for us to consider: the physicality and location of the validator means a quick and clear user experience is necessary. The target audience is also very broad as anyone can take a train, whether you’re young or old, tech-savvy or not.

Wireframes & User flow

Adapting the existing web flow to a context-specific on-the-spot flow.

Iterative process

Revisiting and redefining the flow for testing.

Prototyping & user testing

Creating a credible, high-fidelity prototype.

Visual design

Big buttons & big texts.


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