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Field of operations

Ticketing, transportation

Year / Market

2015 / Estonia


iOS, Android


Velvet, Bind

Making paying for bus and tram rides as easy as keep-your-hands-in-your-pockets with Jiffi.

Still too often people have to search for change to buy a ticket or get their travel card out when using public transport. The idea Jiffi brings is simple: what if you can board a bus or tram and don’t have to worry about anything? Just have your phone with you and the app will validate your trip for you.

Having existing wireframes we soon found out through meetings with the client that the direction had since changed. We updated the user flows and created new wireframes and designs.

This project exists only as a concept.

User flow & structure

Helping the user do almost nothing at all. Mostly.


Exploring interaction systems in low-fidelity.

Visual design

A friendly smile greets your boarding.

More than just validating

Follow your route between different zones.

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Estonian Government