Designers support to Ukraine

To designers, developers, managers, company owners and people who work or study in the creative field.

Why we help?

Over time we have cooperated with many people from Ukraine at DUX and we have friends in Estonia who are proud to have Ukrainian roots. Last year Polina – an awesome designer who had moved here from Kiev – was working with us. So we are not just "far away spectators", but we feel close to the situation and people. We understand the distress, especially in Estonia, which has always been on the radar of our big neighbour to the east and we have a bloody historical trail to remember it.

We have an international team of great people working in DUX and we can't just stay silent. In the end it doesn't matter where you're from, what your beliefs are, what is your skin colour or nationality. It does matter who you are as a person, a human being.

The least we can do now is to help Ukrainian people who are in need of settling down in a new country or help people who need some friendly line to get here.

What we did for support and what you can do ...

1. We donated to the Ukrainian army to give immediate help for the actual fight against the aggressor. In peace time we would not consider supporting military action, but in this case it is all about defending people. Link to a special bank account for the army

2. We donated to the Estonian refugee centre who helps, together with Ukrainians, to get people away from the country and settle them down in Estonia. Link to possible accounts for support.

3. Through the Estonian Design Centre we found one young designer who is on her way to Estonia and hopefully can join our team. If you are looking for a place to work or find an internship, or you want to open your doors to people, then contact the Design Centre.

This post's aim is not to pat ourselves on the back and say that "we did good" and now we can relax, but to show other studios, agencies, designers, developers, or however you define yourself, that small deeds can bring all of us together. Let's take a stand and support people in need! 

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